The first reference to round felt patrol medallions appears on page 10 in the February 1927 issue of Scouting magazine. It is a picture of a Flying Eagle Patrol Medallion without B.S.A.. There is no text relating to the image, nor the images of the Jr. A.S.M. Insignia (page 2) and the Eagle Palm (page 7) also pictured in the issue. In addition to the Patrol Medallion, Eagle Palm and Jr. A.S.M. the January 1927 issue introduces the Eagle Palm and a miniature lapel pin for Junior Assistant Scoutmasters as new insignia effective January 1, 1927. Therefore it is reasonable to assume the Patrol Medallion was introduced and effective at that time.

The first reference describing the new felt rounds along with a picture of the Flying Eagle Medallion without B.S.A. appeared in October 1927. The text from that publication is below.

“No. 851. Shoulder Medallion. Consists of Patrol emblem embroidered in black silk on red
broadcloth 2 inches in diameter. The colors will neither fade nor run. Used to designate Patrol.
In ordering specify Patrol name. 15cents”               - Scouting, Equipment Number, October 1927, page 10



Backing;    Gauze

Variations;    None

Number of Patrol Names in this Series; 58