Between 1921 and 1925 it was made optional with local councils and with troop committees where not under council, to use felt medallions in the place of patrol shoulder colors or ribbons. The felt medallions could be homemade or professionally made. The colors of the felt badges should be the same as the patrol ribbons.

As a result of their popularity, Medallions were formally adopted as official insignia in 1925. The medaillons were Red felt with a Black silk screened emblem and border. Below is the text form Scouting, Equipment Number, November 1925, page 9

No. 801. SHOULDER MEDALLION. Consists of Patrol emblem on felt two inches square. Optional with troops to be used in place of shoulder knot. In ordering specify patrol names.
Prepaid... 51 ”

In 1926 Scouting magazine published the following;                         

Patrol Insignia - Patrol medallions uniform in size with troop medallions are official. These are to be worn on the right arm and bear the patrol symbol in black on a red background. The use of these medallions is optional with troops, but when a troop adopts this insignia, all its members must use this method. The medallions take the place of patrol colors.”           - Scouting, January 1926, page 5


Backing;       None

Variations;    None

Number of Patrol Names in this Series; 50