Fig. 1: 1st-Archer-AH1-Front
Fig. 2: 1st-Archer-AH1-Magnified
Fig. 3: 1st-Archer-AH1-Reverse
Name: Archery 1914
Product Id: 1st-Archer-AH1
Collector Rating: 10
  • 1st Year Earned Year: 1914
  • Issued: 2
  • Cloth: Heavyweight tan
  • Embroidery: Silk continuous hand guided
  • Border: Clockwise, round & dense
  • Back: Brown imprint
  • Design: Arrow fletching and shaft are not separate

Requirements May 1913 until October 1914.

1. Make a bow and arrow that will shoot a distance of fifty feet with fair precision.

2. Make a score of 350 with 60 shots in one or two meets, using standard four foot target at a distance of thirty yards.

3. Make a total score of 300 with 72 arrows, using standard four-foot target at a distance of thirty yards.

4. Shoot so far and so fast as to have three arrows in the air at once.


Requirements October 1914 until May 1924.

1. Make a bow, arrow, and string:

(a)  With which he shall shoot an extreme flight of 175 yards at an elevation of 45 degrees above the horizon;

(b)  With which he shall at 60 yards score, on a regulation four-foot target, 120 points with 60 shoots;

(c)  With which he shall also score on such a four-foot target, at 40 yards, 200 points with 60 shoots.

2. Know something of the history of Archery, and the principal archers of the past and present and their records.