Name: Astronomy 1937 - 38
Product Id: Astron-C2
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CLOTH: Heavyweight   EMBROIDERY: Silk continuous loop   BACK: Plain with Starch

Requirements October 1914 until October 1939.

1. Have a general knowledge of nature and movements of the stars and planets.

2. Point out and name twelve principle constellations; find the north by means of other stars than the Pole-star, in case of that star’s being obscured by clouds.

3. Have a general knowledge of the positions and movements of the earth, sun, and moon, and of the tides, eclipses, meteors, comets, and planets.

4. Plot on at least two nights per month for at six months the positions of all naked-eye planets visible between sundown and one hour thereafter.  The plot of each planet shall contain at least three fixed stars, with their names or designations colors of planets and stars to be recorded as observed by him.