Name: Business 1937 - 38
Product Id: Busine-C2
Collector Rating: 1

CLOTH: Heavyweight EMBROIDERY: Silk continuous loop, BACK: Plain with Starch

Requirements January 1928 until June 1952.

1. Write a satisfactory business and a personal letter.

2. Know simple bookkeeping or shorthand and typewriting.

3. Make a budget of his expenses, including clothes and incidentals and keep a complete and actual account of personal receipts and expenditures for six months.

4. Be prepared to answer questions and problems in interest, percentage and discount.

5. Present the certificate of his employers that for the period of six months preceding he has put into practice the Scout Oath and Law and shown efficiency in his application to business; that he has been prompt and regular in his attendance, and has shown due regard for his general appearance by keeping his hair combed, his hands, nails, and teeth clean, his shoes shined, and his clothes clean and orderly; or, one year of successful service as Scout Scribe of a Troop, under the same conditions.