Fig. 1: Interp-14a-Hebrew-1front
Fig. 2: Interp-14a-Hebrew-1reverse
Fig. 3: Interp-14a-Hebrew-MVE1-front
Fig. 4: Interp-14a-Hebrew-MVE1-reverse
Name: Hebrew Interpreter 2002 - Current
Product Id: Interp-14a-Hebrew
Collector Rating: 1
  • Size: 18mm x 94mm
  • Cloth: Tan
  • Design: Red
  • Border: Beige
  • Fig. 1 & 2:   Twill: Right   Back: Molded plastic with Scout Stuff logo
  • Fig. 3 & 4:   Twill: Left   Back: Molded plastic with 2010 100th Anniversary logo

Requirements January 1982 until Current

Youth and adults may wear this strip if they show their knowledge of a foreign language or the sign language for the hearing impaired by:

  1. Carrying on a vefi-minute conversation in the language.
  2. Translating a two-minute speech or address.
  3. Writing a letter in the language.*
  4. Translating 200 words from the written word.

*Does not apply for sign language.